IP Address is an IP address used by several routers as a default. If you use this router in your home network and type in your browser you should see a router administration console. Only small number of routers has default IP as Typically most routers like LinkSys, TP-Link and Zyxel use IP address.

One of the most popular Brand of routers which uses IP address is Trendnet. TRENDnet’s vision is to build innovative, easy to use, and reliable Networks People Trust™. TRENDnet solutions network the countless devices which enable your connected lifestyle and workplace. Building award winning networking solutions since 1990, TRENDnet connects you with what you value most.

Trendnet corporate headquarters are located at:

TRENDnet Inc.
20675 Manhattan Place
Torrance, CA 90501 USA
Tel.: (310) 961-5500

You can also get support for these routers at http://www.trendnet.com/support/

Trendnet router installation guide:

  1. Verify that you have internet connection
  2. Power off your modem
  3. Disconnect network cable from your modem and your computer
  4. Connect your modem to Trendnet router internet port (yellow)
  5. Connect your computer to one of the wireless router’s LAN ports
  6. Connect the power adapter to the router and then to a power outlet. Toggle the power switch to the “On” position.
  7. Power on your modem. Wait until LEDs indicate that modem is fully functional. For more information on your modem’s LED, please refer with your modem users guide.
  8. Verify that status LED indicators on the front of the router to confirm that device is fully functional: Power (Green), Internet (Green/Blinking)
  9. Open your web browser; the wizard will automatically appear. Select the desired language and then click Next. If the wizard does not appear, type into the address bar  of your web browser and press enter. Enter your username and password, click Login, click Advanced, click Setup and then click Wizard. You can find the default username and password on the labels on the side and bottom of the router.