Amazon Kindle Is Back In Stock

Amazon Kindle back in stock
As you may have noticed, there have been a lack of updates recently, however that doesn’t mean we have take our eyes off the ball. Amazon updated their website today and it shows that the Amazon Kindle is now now available to order.


I know a lot of you had grown inpatient with Amazon and been waiting for this news for quite a while, so now is your chance to grab a Kindle device before (inevitably, I think) the stocks run out yet again.

Go to the Kindle Store and get you Kindle!

One thought on “Amazon Kindle Is Back In Stock

  1. Very promising gadget. Some serious hacking is needed though:
    — full root console access,
    — serious PDF/DjVu reader,
    — Unicode fonts,
    — Bittorrent and/or p2p functionality, to swap titles,
    — VoIP over EVDO, a cell Kindlephone of a Skype sort
    — WiFi connectivity,
    — co-operation/co-authoring capabilities.

    For Kindle 2.0 my wishlist includes
    — 9.7″ OLED (? at least 65000 colors) touchscreen display,
    — H.264/MP4 video player,
    — smart dock

    Hoping that the best Kindlehackers think along these rails.

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