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May 2008
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Kindle Photo of the Day #20: Frank’s Kindle

Frank\'s Kindle

Frank sent me an email about his experiences with the Kindle and how had modified it to create a better reading experience. Here is what Frank thinks about his Kindle:

The Kindle met 95% of my expectations for a perfect reading device. I spend 3 – 5 days each week either on a plane or waiting on a flight. The Kindle has reduced my carry on weight by at least 5lbs of reading material. I am very satisfied with the display and easy access to obtaining reading material but the holder and all aftermarket cases left a lot to be desired. Not only were they uncomfortable to hold but made it impossible avoid that giant next page key and the device easily falls out, especially when reading in bed.

Not satisfied with 95%, I made my own personal cover with a metal clip and a flexible binding that allows the cover to be folded back flat allowing the Kindle to be held on either side.

Thanks for the email Frank!

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