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June 2008
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Kindle battery woes

Does Amazon have a problem with the Kindle replacement battery? There seems to be a mixed bag when it comes to the Kindle battery, while some people get awesome battery life it seems like others get a raw deal with the battery.

Amazon Kindle battery

Amazon Kindle battery customer reviews

As you can see, the Kindle battery is out of stock which tells my that there is a real problem with the battery and it isn’t just effecting a handful of people. It scores a pitiful 2.5/5 in the customer satisfaction review which also backs up the theory that the Kindle battery is somewhat volatile when it comes to consistent performance.

The reviews paint a worrying picture:

J. E. Link writes:

My Kindle battery failed within 3 months. It is yet another poor quality Lithium Polymer battery manufactured in Communist China. I had hoped that Amazon would have done better with it’s Kindle product. This is not encouraging.

Michael T. Earle

While I love my Kindle, the original battery that came with it only lasted a mere three months (and not real heavy usage) and is now dead and won’t recharge. And now I see Amazon is sold out of replacements!

James Mueller “Gadget Head”

My battery is dead after only 3 months as well. Based on the comments I have read others are having the same issue. Is Amazon looking into this? Are they going to make good on the replacement batteries for customers who have this problem? It’s a shame, the device is great. I hope they don’t let this issue overshadow the device’s good points. Take a lesson from Apple when the iPod had battery issues when it first came out. FIX IT!

When the iPod came out it was plagued with battery issues, it Apple took a long time to fix them and it definitely hurt iPod’s image – its time Amazon learned from Apple’s misfortune. Lets hope its not as as bad as it looks, how is your Kindle battery, have you had to have it replaced?

5 comments to Kindle battery woes

  • tom linton

    I bought a replacement because
    I thought the original was about dead
    after six months of intensive use
    although I only ran it out once
    I opened the subject with CS
    and they recommended I put the new one in
    and if I still got poor performance
    to call them up for a Kindle replacement
    After I popped the original battery out
    I chickened out trying to unplug it
    just pulled the wires straight
    When I plugged the Kindle back in again
    The Kindle charged up in two hours
    and I’m guessing I get respectable performance now
    although one hopes for better battery techno
    to come along and rescue me
    from constantly having to plug it in
    every time I use the wireless

  • Bill Moroney

    I did not realize that the bad-battery problem AND the lack of replacement batteries had been around since last June. I got my Kindle 1 last Christmas. If they continued to sell Kindle 1s with no solution available for bad batteries, that comes pretty close to FRAUD! I find it amazing that Amazon would risk its generally good reputation by screwing some of its best customers this way. This is outrageous. They should do what Apple did – replace defective units/batteries with something that works!

  • Cheryl

    I think that people with battery life problems on their Kindle 1′s possibly have grounds for a class action lawsuit given Amazon’s inability to provide appropriate support for their device. I just started having battery re-charging issues (it takes forever to charge the battery now when before it only took less than 2 hours) and I’ve noticed that Amazon is still not providing the replacement battery.

  • Carol

    I agree the batteries are bad. Amazon tells me I have to send my kindle back to them for $59 plus shipping. They won’t send me a battery. Don’t think I will be doing that. I will just get another bad battery. Mine lasted 13 months

  • Gwen Westendorf

    My Kindle will not charge. I have had it plugged in for 2 days and it still is not charged. Has anyone else had this happen?

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