Quick update, get the free Tor.com e-book directly from Amazon.com

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Just a quick update following on from the previous post.

Tor.com has made 24 e-book available to download, you can now download some of them directly from Amazon.com and get them delivered to your Kindle through Whispernet.

The book available from the list of 24 are;

1. Mistborn: The Final Empire
2. Old Man’s War
3. Spin
4. The Outstretched Shadow: The Obsidian Trilogy: Book One
5. Crystal Rain
6. Lord Of The Isles
7. Through Wolf’s Eyes
8. Reiffen’s Choice
9. Sun Of Suns

You can get them by following this link.

Source: Amazon Kindle official blog

UPDATE: Thanks to reader Tracey Rowley who informed me that Amazon had put up a new link for all the free Tor.com content, right now there are 15 e-books available–there were 20 before–which you can download to your Kindle via Whispernet:


3 thoughts on “Quick update, get the free Tor.com e-book directly from Amazon.com

  1. Tor is now releasing more books in Kindle format–priced about 300% the cost of a paperback.

    An example is To Light a Candle by Mercedes Lackey. Paperback price: $7.99. Kindle price? $22.36. The prices are just as outrageous for other books from Tor for this author.

    It seems what the company has done is released first books in series for free, and is now planning on gouging ebook owners for the rest of the series titles–charging us more for a Kindle copy then we’d have to pay for a paperback.

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