Kindle 2 details leaked

As you may remember some time ago Amazon completely dismissed all rumors about upcoming Kindle 2 release.

But yesterday all the web was screaming about leaked Kindle 2 images which are available at

As you can see new Kindle shape is nice and slim and it has round corners. It will be slightly bigger in size which is probably done to hold it comfortably and not accidentally hit Previous/Next page buttons. Screen size stays about the same which is a bit of disappointment to me since I like books of larger size (big fonts are better for eyes).

If you look on the picture you see that more buttons are placed on the right and left side to improve browsing experience. Plus they’ve been made larger and comfortable. On the right we have: Home, Next Page, Menu, a joystick, and Undo. On the left: Previous Page, and Next Page. So it will be hard to miss the button.

A big plus for a new model is a miniUSB charger. So now you don’t have to carry a separate charger for the Kindle.

An interesting change is two speakers on the back. Hopefully this will make sound quality better. Time for Bose like surround sound Kindle?

Also the back is made of solid metal now. So it will make next Kindle more sturdy and break resistant.

It is hard to speculate whether keyboard is going to be any more comfortable in new kindle but buttons look to be much nicer now and they’re not split into two sections any more.

Overall I’m impressed with upcoming design changes and can’t wait to hear the new Kindle release date.

So stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Kindle 2 details leaked

  1. I’m not convinced it’s nothing more than a prototype.

    However, taking away the SD slot (which you didn’t mention) is a disastrous mistake! (If this is the final deal)

  2. “Overall I’m impressed with upcoming design changes and can’t wait to hear the new Kindle release date.”

    Boy are you easily impressed, this look like a prototype that never did it.

  3. I am very excited about the prospect of the new Kindle. From the looks of the pictures, they took care of some of the major flaws. Even though I already own one, it may be hitting ebay when 2.0 is released!

  4. do you know if they plan on releasing a color screen Kindle? i would think that would be next since you can download magazines.

  5. Zara, my excitement in this post is about the fact that they work on a new kindle device which would potentially solve many problems which current Kindle has. At this moment it is hard to speculate what features will it have and how good will it be.

    mcat614, I doubt that color screen is an option at this moment. I haven’t seen any news about any color e-ink paper in production so far. Let me know if it exists already.

    gerard, SD is yes and no for me. My iphone doesn’t have it and I never felt lack of it. At the same time I also own Sony Reader with SD slot and never used it. So I guess it is quite specific to how you use the device.

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