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I just returned from a trip to Honolulu, Hawaii where I spent some time relaxing under the sun. Well my problem is that max time I can stay on the beach and do nothing is about 30 minutes. After that I get completely bored and need to do something different. This problem seriously disappoints my wife because she is a big fan of sun tanning.

Since this time I knew about this problem beforehand I had my 2 anti-boredom devices with me: Kindle and IPhone. While kindle allows me to read books and pre-downloaded blogs, IPhone gives me a real time access to the internet. The problem with IPhone is that it’s screen is small and it is quite tough to read anything longer than a couple of paragraphs on it. Kindle is great for reading books and already downloaded things on internet but the problem is that wireless is not yet available on the beaches and it is impossible to browse internet on it (which I like the most).

Amazon, Apple, please produce a device which will have a 3G internet connection like an IPhone and a reading comfort of a kindle. Or just let the other devices connect to an IPhone and get cellular internet connection through it. And please make it sand resistant too…

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  1. If you have got a Kindle and like Hawaii plus being an iphone User I would have something great to read for you: 8W8 – Global Space Tribes. Kindle edition. It is a great story about the impact of digital and plays on Hawaii. Check it out. You will enjoy that read! I think the Kindle version is 4 Dollars.

  2. You will see this closer to the end of this year.

    Towards the end of 2009, you will find many products that will be using Android (Google’s cell phone operating system). Right now there is only one phone call Google’s G1 phone. Very similar in functionality to iPhone and will get better. Because Android is Open-Source, this will grow rapidly. Android will get better fast and many phones from many manufacturer will adopt Android.

    A French company called Archos (now makes many fantastic Personal Video Recorder – iPod on steroids) will be coming out with a 5″ screen Android based cell phone / internet media tablet hybrid.

    What it may looked like (Picture):

    Open-Source is nice because it is a collaborative effort and no one company owns it. No more monopoly like Microsoft or Apple. Just like idea behind Wikipedia and FireFox. Here is a good overview of Android’s “Applications without borders” concept with demo of some sample applications (good video, worth watching):

    The purpose of Android:

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