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It is perfectly possible to access your Gmail account using Amazon Kindle browser. All you need to do is visit the mobile version at rather than full version. Loading full version will cause some kind of error after you enter your login and password. I don’t think it would render well anyway.

So here you go: you can now send and receive emails using your Amazon Kindle anywhere there is WhisperNet (read Sprint) coverage absolutely free of charge courtesy of Amazon :)

12 thoughts on “Gmail on Kindle

  1. I’ve experienced two glitches, both minor:

    1) You need to go to your address book and select a contact rather than choosing “Compose” for new mail.

    2) After you send an E-mail, it shows an error – something like “This page could not load.” Your E-mail has actually been sent. Just go to “Bookmarks” and then select GMail again and you’ll see it in your “Sent” folder.

  2. I seem to have a few issues with the login features. It will log me in to the site (gmail, facebook, etc,) and then boot me straight back to the login screen. Any ideas?

  3. Coming late to the game here, but I’m doing some research before I take the plunge and get a kindle. Getting gmail access on it is a big thing, but do you know if you can download attachments from Gmail? I assume not, but it would be nice.\


  4. I tried all morning to get on mobile gmail with the Kindle 2, but could not.
    I tried Basic mode, Advanced mode . . . nothing worked.
    I got some kind of message telling me I wasn’t allowed on it.

  5. I have Kindle Latest Generation (3). I first went to gmail on laptop and changed settings to load in the older version (html) , then selected show only 25, and then loaded gmail on the Kindle. Great.

    Now that I’ve finally found this, I hear it’s even better, so I will try that. Even if I could not get email or browser, I wouldn’t trade my Kindle for anything now that I have it. Love to read!

    I found this step by step with links and images on how to make all this work

    Thanks for this post! I didn’t know about mobile gmail yet.

  6. I am not able to enter my name or any text on the log in screen when I go to anyone having a similiar problem?


  7. solved my problem.
    Go to Experimental
    start with the regular google interface
    login in to regular gmail (this worked for me)
    then edit the address line to the address as above

    next thing to try (thanks to Headworx blog ) is this
    “# Google Reader on Kindle is a revelation! The key is to use it in [F]ull screen mode and magnified. Beats the iPad version. 11 days ago

  8. It’s really really small when you use that font. Try (that’s a zero, not a letter).
    This seems to work to get the it it formatted in the larger format (but no date/time)
    PLUS, you can enlarge the font on the e-mail headers and in the actual e-mail messages (you’ll have to do it for both).
    This isn’t something I wish to do often, but if it’s a bright day and I’ve been reading at the park (or something all day, I’d rather look on here than on my iPhone screen). Now to try with Google Reader :)


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