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Pixel Qi demonstrates hybrid reflective/backlit display

While Pixel Qi on their website explicitly states that their displays are not based on eInk technology and that they are not affiliated with eInk Corporation this piece of news is highly related to eInk, because potentially we may have a eInk competitor here. It is a display which according to Pixel Qi is extremely […]

Douglas Adams, Good Kindle Books at a Glance #10

Douglas Noel Adams is best known for the science fiction comedy Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Originally radio broadcast series, they later inspired “a trilogy in five parts” as well as TV series, a movie and stage productions. Some of these are available in Kindle edition. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is the first book […]

Sprint Earnings Per Kindle User – Kindle Economics #1.1

According to nielsen wire, average Kindle user earns Sprint $2/month. Given 12 cents/MB price this yeilds 16.6MB on average downloaded by Kindle user per month. This includes book purchases, periodicals, blogs and web-browsing. It’s hard to speculate as to how much each of these activities contributes to the total number… My guess would be that […]

Ok, I lied…

…about not going to tweet myself. Tweeting fever has got the better of me and by the power of Twitter Tools WordPress plugin you’ll see a tweet every time I post something here. But this is as far as it goes… Honestly :) Now you can follow BlogKindle.com :)

Kindle DX Release Date Contest

  I’ve decided to have another date guessing contest here on BlogKindle.com. This time it’s about guessing the release date of Amazon Kindle DX. The rules are quite simple: pick a date and send an email to contest@blogkindle.com with the date in the subject line in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY. So 4th of July 2009 […]

Kindle Air, Anyone?

Could it be that I’m not the only one speculating about desktop version of Amazon Kindle?.. Taken from www.kindleair.com. According to registrar data this interesting domain just popped into existence on May 20th, 2009.

Plastic Logic eReader Update From All Things D


Yesterday Plastic Logic demoed their upcoming eReader on All Things D conference. Here’s a summary of features that were announced so far: OS: Windows CE PC OS Supported: Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS Size: 8.5″ x 11″ x 0.25″ Weight: less than 16 oz Screen Size: ~10″ touchscreen active eInk Connectivity: USB, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth […]

Herbert George Wells, Good Kindle Books at a Glance #9

Herbert George Wells, better known as H.G.Wells, is by right referred as “The Father of Science Fiction”, as he has greatly influenced much literature after him, especially popularizing such conceptions as “time travel” and “alien invasion”. Here are some books that are available on Amazon Kindle… The Time Machine, now a classic of science fiction […]

See Your Notes and Highlights Online

If you’ve made notes or highlights in your Kindle books, you can now see them online at http://kindle.amazon.com/ At the moment the service if quite limited. You can see your notes and highlights but can’t edit or share or even email them as I’ve hoped but this is definitely step in the right direction and […]

Twitter On Kindle

Since everyone is tweeting nowadays, I’ve decided to check how well does this service work in Kindle‘s Basic Web Browser. It turns out to be quite usable. I’ve created a profile using my PC and opened http://twitter.com on Kindle. Both mobile and full versions render correctly in both basic and advanced modes. Advanced mode feels […]