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May 2009
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iPhone Kindle Application Updated

Today Amazon has released 1.1 update for the iPhone Kindle Application. There are several new features and they are all good:

  • Landscape reading is now supported. All you need to do is tilt your iPhone. If you don’t want orientation to change automatically – just tap the lock icon in the corner and autorotate will be off.
Kindle iPhone Landscape Reading

Kindle iPhone Landscape Reading

  • 3 different color schemes are now supported to make reading on iPhone’s back-lit screen a bit easier on the eyes: original black-on-white, white-on-black and sepia that looks like an old book
Kindle For iPhone Color Schemes

Kindle For iPhone Color Schemes

  • Images can now be zoomed and panned using iPhone’s multi-touch interface.
Kindle For iPhone Image Zoom

Kindle For iPhone Image Zoom

  • Amazon has launched iPhone-optimized version of Kindle Store and integrated it into the app so now journey from Kindle for iPhone to Amazon.com and back again is comfortable and streamlined. It starts with pressing “Get Books” button in application home screen and ends back in the application with the book already downloaded. The only problem I noticed is that buttons on the website were very slow to respond to my taps. Could be just quirks of my particular iPhone or Internet connection.
iPhone Kindle Store

iPhone Kindle Store

It looks like Amazon is taking eBooks on iPhone market quite seriously. They are also trying to lock in as many customers as possible while there are still relatively few eBook readers on the market.

If you already have the app installed – you just need to update it via the app store, if you don’t – you can install it there for Free.

Of course same application would also run on iPod Touch.