See Your Notes and Highlights Online

If you’ve made notes or highlights in your Kindle books, you can now see them online at

At the moment the service if quite limited. You can see your notes and highlights but can’t edit or share or even email them as I’ve hoped but this is definitely step in the right direction and I hope more will follow…

This was one of the issues I’ve submitted feedback to Amazon in the past and it looks like I wasn’t the only one. So now I’m going to take some time to write them once more and thank them for this feature and hopefully it’ll get more traction… I encourage you to do the same.

One thought on “See Your Notes and Highlights Online

  1. This is a step in the right direction. However one of the failing points is that I can’t see the notes and highlights I’ve made in e-books that didn’t come from the Kindle store. I have dozens of pre Kindle Mobi books, and I continue to get a good amount of my book from Baen’s Webscriptions service. I’d like to see my notes from those books as well.

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