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Kindle DX Release Date Contest Results

And the winner is Jay from Florida. He correctly guessed the Kindle DX release date. Here’s what he has to say about himself:

I work in education and I am looking forward to using a DX for reading academic documents in PDF form and pushing the limits of the Kindle DX browser. My estimate of the release date was influenced by the belief Amazon would not want to wait too long after the beginning of Apple WWDC (assuming some announcements there) and perhaps in the middle of the week to pull some attention.

This time I received only 29 valid responses because Amazon announced the release date soon after the contest got started. Only 2 people guessed the correct date. Results were more or less evenly distributed. Here’s detailed breakdown:

Kindle DX Release Date Contest Results

Kindle DX Release Date Contest Results

Date Vote Count
5/27/2009 1
6/4/2009 1
6/8/2009 1
6/10/2009 2
6/15/2009 1
6/17/2009 1
6/21/2009 1
6/23/2009 1
6/24/2009 1
6/28/2009 3
6/29/2009 1
7/1/2009 3
7/5/2009 1
7/6/2009 2
7/7/2009 2
7/15/2009 1
7/16/2009 1
7/20/2009 1
7/26/2009 1
8/5/2009 1
8/13/2009 1
10/7/2009 1

The prize (Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover) is pre-ordered and will ship on the same day as Amazon releases Kindle DX. Congratulations, Jay!

There will be more contests in the future so subscribe to this blog or follow it on twitter if you are interested.

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