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My Kindle DX has just arrived…

FedEx just delivered my Kindle DX! Stay tuned for hands-on review. It will come a bit later today…

Kindle DX Package

Kindle DX Package

Coincidentally this is exactly 300th post on this blog.

4 comments to My Kindle DX has just arrived…

  • Warren Pattison


    So how did you get yours so quick? I pre-ordered *the moment* they opened it up, and mine doesn’t arrive until 6/18.

  • admin

    I used overnight shipping.

  • Gerard

    It would be really cool if you had a Flip Video or something and could post video of your using it, your thoughts, etc. Have fun!

  • admin

    Right now I’m almost done with “first impressions” text post and will publish it soon. I was thinking of making a video post too but since I don’t have my tripod at the moment this will have to wait. I will do it eventually.

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