PC World’s 3 Reasons to Travel With a Kindle

PC World’s James A. Martin has posted an article about the positive experience he’s had flying with a Kindle 2.  He gives three main reasons why any traveller could benefit from taking along a Kindle:

  1. Don’t Have to Sprint to the Airport Newsstand
  2. Can Comfortably Read a Newspaper in Coach
  3. Can Read Documents and Web Content

And I completely agree with this and can add #4: you don’t need to sit on the floor next to toilet door because that’s where the only free AC outlet happens to be as Kindle can run pretty much forever on a single charge.

When it comes to flying, the Kindle is an indispensible companion.  Unless, of course, you just happen to have incredibly bad luck like I did a while ago.

I’m still surprised that why Kindles are still not sold in the airports.

5 thoughts on “PC World’s 3 Reasons to Travel With a Kindle

  1. What about not having a take along an extra suitcase full of books for a longish trip? (I used to bring ten books for a week-long trip, just in case.)

  2. Flew on Monday with a Kindle, the TSA agent had no idea what a Kindle was. I guess they’re not all that common yet, with flyers.

  3. Ten books?! I used to bring 10 for the week, then look for another half dozen for the trip home. Not missing that at all. Love my Kindle beyond description.

  4. I agree. A few weeks ago I went to Japan for two weeks and on the flight there ran into another woman with a Kindle. We got to talking about how amazing it was, and on the flight home ran into a man with one as well (sadly, he was a jerk about it). The entire time I was in Japan, not once did I have to charge my Kindle. It was fantastic! And in the airport on the way to Japan, I downloaded 4 new books “just in case,” while I was boarding the plane! What convenience.

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