Lions Gate Entertainment is Using the Kindle For Movie Scripts

As a great example of the Kindle being used in a professional application, Lions Gate has adapted the technology for reading and distributing scripts.  Now, lucky employees no longer need to lug around briefcases full of scripts, only the lightweight Kindle.

The upgrade to eReaders seems to be a hit.  Lions Gate executives love the simplification of being emailed PDF files and having needed documents at the tips of their fingers.  But I’m sure the real reason for Lions Gate’s adoption is the obvious one: the Kindle must be saving them boatloads on paper costs.  More and more, offices will also see this advantage.  Buying a Kindle may be a little expensive up front, but it is an investment that will pay off as it is used day after day.

Of course, script reading is perfect for eReaders in that it’s not much different than reading a book.  A document that’s strictly textual is exactly what the Kindle does best.  When it comes to charts and diagrams, cheap color eReaders will need to be available before the average office is willing to go paperless.

One thought on “Lions Gate Entertainment is Using the Kindle For Movie Scripts

  1. I’ve been using the Kindle DX for reading screenplays since my DX arrived…it does a fine job handling the PDF files. Paper copies are still better for making notes in, but the DX is now my method of choice for reading screenplays.

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