Refurbished Kindle 1 update

Amazon Kindle 1

Amazon Kindle 1

It looks like Amazon is currently sold out on refurbished first generation Kindles. If you follow this link, the only buy options are from third parties and the price is actually around $225.00. Refurbished Kindle 2 is still in stock however and you can get it from Amazon for $219.00 with warranty and all. Consider this an Amazon “certified pre-owned” program :)

I’ll periodically monitor refurbished Kindle stock status and will keep you updated.

Thanks to Jerry who pointed out the current stock change.

6 thoughts on “Refurbished Kindle 1 update

  1. Hello. Speaking of good deals on Kindle, I’ve been holding off on buying a Kindle DX because back in May there were some stories saying a subscription to the New York Times would be included if you happened to live in an area where NY Times delivery was not available. Those stories said the deal would go into effect in “late summer.” I talked to a customer service supervisor at the New York Times and she said that her staff was training to answer questions related to the deal, which she said was to be activated Sept. 19.

    Will this promotion ever be activated or has it been dropped?

  2. So far there haven’t been any news about this promotion that I’m aware of. It’s hard to tell whether it’s being delayed or dropped.
    When exactly did you talk to the CS supervisor?

  3. It was late August, or maybe even early September. (I scratched some notes from the conversation on a credit card bill I ran off my computer on Aug. 26, so it had to at least be after that.)

    I had downloaded the NYTimes Times Reader product, but it wouldn’t install on my computer, so I was trying to cancel my automatic monthly payments for Times Reader, and I was having a hard time.

    After the supervisor calmed me down, I told her I really wanted the subscription on Kindle DX, and was just waiting for the announced deal to be activated.

    I’d appreciate anything you can find out. I don’t want to buy a Kindle DX and a year-long subscription to the Times only to find out a month later that if I’d waited the subscription would have been included.

  4. I don’t believe that there is such a thing as yearly subscription for newspapers and magazines on Kindle, I think it’s always on a monthly basis. Which is $13.99/month in case of New York Times.

    I’ll keep an ear out for such news though.

  5. Ok, true. But I don’t want to miss out on getting the subscription free or any deal just because of my timing.

  6. Hello. Looks like the deal is activated. I received an email today from the New York Times offering to sell me a Kindle DX with a one-year subscription, plus a cover for $499. With shipping and tax the total cost was $536.39. The email said it was a limited-time offer.

    Glad they finally came through because I had almost decided to hold out and consider one of the different e-reader models that are supposed to be coming out.

    I ordered!

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