Amazon Expands Their Private Label to Include Electronic Goods

Picture 3Amazon first gained notoriety as a bookseller, but soon became famous as the most prominent general online retailer.  On Amazon, someone can buy goods from a large array from companies: everything from iPods to T-Shirts.  But when it comes to products manufactured by Amazon themselves, the only product that readily comes to mind is the Kindle.

It looks like Amazon is planning to change this by selling a new line of electronic accessories under the name, “AmazonBasics.”  This isn’t the first time Amazon has created their own private label.  Amazon actually owns the Pinzon, Strathwood, Pike Street, and Denali brands.  This, however, marks an important move by Amazon in the electronics market and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they are now deciding to use the “Amazon” name outright.

The Kindle has been successful in sales, there’s no doubt about that, but it has been even more successful in garnering press for Amazon.  Even when the Kindle has had its share of controversy, the news covering it can’t be said to be a bad thing for the brand.  If nothing else, the Kindle has put Amazon in the public consciousness as a decent electronics manufacturer.  The reason why AmazonBasics now exists is probably directly related to the Kindle coming first.

I’m also hoping that first party Amazon gear will have a positive impact on the Kindle in the future.  Future eReader accessories could be created and sold under the AmazonBasics brand.  And while manufacturing of generic cables is most likely outsourced to another company, the line itself may help encourage a larger diversity of Amazon gadgets.  If the Apple Tablet is really the Kindle-killer we are supposed to believe, I don’t see any reason to keep Amazon from selling Amazon branded tablets or netbooks themselves to keep the Kindle platform going.

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