Solution for cracked Kindle problem

Kindle Cover Velcro Fix

Kindle Cover Velcro Fix

While there is an ongoing law suit against Amazon on the matter of Kindle leather cases causing damage to Kindle devices, a user on forum has proposed a simple solution. While it will not help if your Kindle is already broken it will prevent you from damaging your device by opening the cover on the wrong side.

All you need to do is stitch some velcro tape to the upper right corner of the cover like shown on the picture. If you don’t want to stitch I believe that epoxy or super-glue will also do the trick.

The original thread can be found here. Personally, opening the cover on the wrong side never was a problem for me as I always make sure that I see the logo badge before I open it. But it may be helpful to someone.

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  1. I like the Velcro dot solution discussed in the Mobileread thread much better as it’s much less intrusive.

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