Kindle Price Drop… again!!!

Amazon Kindle 2In June Amazon dropped the price on Kindle 2 by $60.00 only 4 month after it was originally released. Today, 4 month later, Kindle 2 price dropped by another $40.00. You can now purchase brand new K2 for $259.00. So in eight months since the release the price went down $100.00 or nearly 28%

It looks like competition from Sony, Google, Plastic Logic and other players is forcing Amazon to cut prices to stay competitive. In a recent interview Jeff Bezos claimed that Amazon can now cut the price because larger production and sales volume resulted in cost reduction and they are passing some of the savings to the customers.

In case you’ve purchased your Kindle for $299.00 within the last month you can call Amazon Kindle support and ask for a $40.00 refund to match the price drop. Several users have confirmed that Amazon easily gives these out and sometimes they are flexible and will give you a refund even if you have had your device for slightly more than a month.

7 thoughts on “Kindle Price Drop… again!!!

  1. It probably would be and chances are it will not work since refurb Kindle didn’t get a price drop.

  2. Suppose I got Kindle 2 as a gift which was purchased in US for a full price.

    Can I get $40 from Amazon?

  3. I think it’s a great thing; makes it a lot more reasonable for those on the fence for an eReader. Doesn’t help that Sony has theirs not only at Borders, but now at Best Buy. Ouch.

    By the way, although I barely comment, I read your blog via RSS all the time; I like what you are doing here, and keep up the great work. You may not get a lot of credit for it, but I appreciate you.

  4. So it looks like there will be no luck gettting $40 from Amazon as price difference between Kindle 2 from August vs one with a price drop.

    Cut off seems to be at 30 days…

  5. I’m a kindle owner (initially supported them with kudos) and as far as I can say….amazon as an ereader device mfg is pretty much over. They will keep dropping the price. Amazon is just not a hardware mfg and does not update the software fast enough (or at all) with really needed features (folders as an example). I love e-readers and yes amazon has content but that is very short lived since odds so many others are joining forces (intentionaly or not) against amazon. Amazon will go back to content only. I don’t see them having a choice. Also so far I haven’t purchased a single book for my DX from amazon because 9x out of 10 the price for the ebook (even at 9.99) is more then buying the paper back either on Amazon, costco, or other competitors. I understand the need to support wireless and the model…but come on …$4.00 for the paperback and 9.99 for the e-copy. Sorry convenience isn’t worth much. I love you amazon but you are going to have to change to compete.

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