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October 2009
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Browser And Blogs Update for Mexico, Hong Kong and Japan

It looks like Amazon has updated the feature list for the International Kindle.

Basic Web (experimental web browser) and blog subscriptions are not longer available in Mexico, Hong Kong and Japan. So for now this feature is going to be exclusive to US customers.

Update: It looks like Amazon has changed their mind again – browser support is back for these countries but not blogs.

4 comments to Browser And Blogs Update for Mexico, Hong Kong and Japan

  • Lawrence

    oh dear, i purchased it because it said it has the experimental browser for Hong Kong. Now i am considering an order cancellation.

  • I’ve ordered it from Japan.

    on the feature list:

    Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico:
    Blogs are currently not available for your country.

    Other countries(e.g. Malta, Italy…)
    Blogs and the experimental web browser are currently not available for your country

    So, blog subscription is not available, but the browser *is* available in HongKong, Japan, and Mexico, according to the list.

  • Sergio

    Any chance they reconsider? after all the first info was that they would be available in the aforementioned countries, if not, then, what is NAFTA for? (regarding Mexico)

  • Sergio

    They have changed again the information, now they just say “Blogs are currently not available for your country” (Mexico,Japan, Hong Kong) When are they going to make up their mind?

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