2 thoughts on “Kindle International starts shipping today! Yay!

  1. “August 8, 2008 — $9.99 per e-book, the most impotant factor in Kindles success ”

    This is not the reason I bought mine. 1. Large fonts 2. Compatible with Macintosh 3. Searchable text 4. Keyboard 5. Whispernet 6. Reads PRC files natively of which I have hundreds.

  2. Pls be careful when ordering a kindle international if you are in the EU.I live in greece and they charged me with import taxes 100 euros! Just take into consideration that the final price of kindle with transport fees is around 200 euros. And they told me if it had shipped from the uk that i would not pay anything!. I am thinking of doing something to cancel the order. I have sent an email to amazon but i dont know if they will help with anything….

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