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October 2009
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Wikipedia works on International Kindles in the UK

Kindle UK Wikipedia

Kindle UK Wikipedia

One of the blog subscribers, Ilya who has recently purchased an Kindle 2 International in the UK has confirmed that despite the Amazon statement that experimental browser and blog subscriptions don’t work in the UK, Wikipedia access actually works. However pictures do not load and all other websites are blocked.
Since Amazon has announced that web browsing will not be available worldwide it was natural to assume that Wikipedia access will not work either. It looks like Amazon is treating Wikipedia as a separate feature.
It would be interesting to hear from K2i owners in other countries about their Wikipedia experience. Either if it works or it doesn’t – please drop a comment.

Update: It has been confirmed by several people that pictures in wikipedia now load.

27 comments to Wikipedia works on International Kindles in the UK

  • Mikael Andersson

    Wiki works in sweden, but only en. not sv.m.Wikipedia.com. and im wondering can u get debugOn to work i cant get it to start. and haw u tryd Savory do it work?

    // Sorry About My Spelling Im dyslectic//

  • Seb

    I interpreted the pre-release pages on Amazon as Wikipedia was a feature that would be available. So I’m happy that this seems to be the case for Sweden as well. I will check when i get my tomorrow, but I have no reason to doubt Mikael

  • admin

    I believe that Savory is off for now along with other hacks until someone figures out a way to install hack updates on K2i. I’m working on it too but with little success for far.

  • beatm

    Wikipedia (English only) works in Switzerland

  • Just get my Kindle in Norway. Yes, the wikipedia can be accessed, only wikipeda.Actually it’s a wikipedia mobile version.

  • I lived in Switzerland, and en.wikipedia is ok, seems other languages not.
    And no pics on pages.

  • i live in Hong Kong and the web browser is, of course, work for me. it works fine and surprisingly with images too.
    Just started subscibe IHT asian version, but sadly, it does not include images. hope there will be Financial Times Asian version soon.
    Everything looks nice, except the kindle responses slower that i thought about, but i can accept it.
    Really wish someone will work on the unicode hack, i wish to read Chinese on this machine.
    also, would like to send an urge to Chinese Book Publishers, it is really an urgent call to you guy to act now, to provide legel way to download ebook, or, privacy would be a huge problem in the future.

  • Ricky

    I can confirm for the Hong Kong region web browsing is fully supported (well as full as their US counterpart anyway).

  • Marco

    Wikipedia English works in Germany, too.

  • Bert

    Czech republic, mobile English wikipedia works – quite slowly BUT with images (!). I can post a photo somewhere as a proof…

  • aki

    I live in Japan, and just received my kindle 2. The basic web browser is working fine here as advertised.

  • Same behaviour in Belgium: Wikipedia works, other websites (including Google) don’t. The images don’t load however.
    Note that Wikipedia is explicitly listed as a feature on the Kindle site.

  • Seb

    Got my Kindle today, wikipedia works as above, the big change I noted is that it works WITH images. Loaded a page with almost 1mb of data on it… Wonder how amazon will manage to pay for this.

    Great feature, even thoug eInk isn’t that good for browsing. Now we will be able to sort out all these Pub debates on site ;)

  • admin

    Bert, photo would be great – you can mail it to me – see contact section at the bottom

  • I stand corrected: images now load.
    Yesterday they would not load but since this afternoon, it works.

  • Bert

    Ad: Admin

    I sent you 2 photos – picture on “Puck magazine” page on mobile wikipedia and “Czech republic” article on normal (non-mobile) wikipedia. Other sites don’t work.

  • Anselmo Martinez

    Mine just came in yesterday, and yep, wikipedia works fully in Spain, images and all, as does gmail. Went through a few registering issues with the device, but now it’s working smooth.

  • Wikipedia & general browsing works well in Mexico. Hope the feature is kept at no cost. Totally killer!

  • ujx

    It works well in Hong Kong. Web sites other than wiki and amazon can be visited. I can receive and sent email through gmail. The speed of loading web page is slow.

  • Asterix

    Wikipedia works with images in Luxembourg, too!

  • IT works in Japan, it seems no limitations in the browser.

    Now question is whether Amazon is going to charge the fee for the data transfer? We know that the roaming charge is added on top of the book prices for international user but how about the browsing?

  • António

    The same here in Portugal: I only have access to the english Wikipedia site.
    But a funny situation occurred when I received the International Kindle: I had a registered US postal address on my Amazon.com account (besides my portuguese one). And because I had the US address active on “manage your Kindle” when I received the Kindle, I was able to browse other sites, apparently without limitation. But I was charged 1.49 USD when I transfered wirelessly to my Kindle the books I had previously bought. Later, I called Amazon. They suggested deleting the US postal address and refunded those transfer fees.

  • Prazzie

    I can confirm that Wikipedia works in South Africa. Images load just fine. All the other default bookmarks are disabled.

  • Daniel Kim

    The English Wikipedia also works in South Korea. Though S.Korea is not officially supported country, I managed to bought a kindle using my American credit card. At first, ‘my country’ was registered as the US and I could browse any site that I wanted. Then, to avoid $2 fee for whispernet downloading, I changed ‘my country’ to S.Korea and only Wikipedia worked. It seems like I can switch the ‘my country’ setting so that one time I can get free whispernet download and the other time I can use Internet.

  • +1 in South Africa.
    Had no luck with images though.

  • I live in Ukraine. Wikipedia (english only) works!

  • @Anselmo , can you tell me what special steps did you take so you can use gmail on your Kindle 2 from Spain ?
    I’m from Spain, too.

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