Amazon Kindle Black Friday Deal Hunt!

While historically Amazon didn’t provide any Black Friday discounts for it’s Kindle eBook reader it may be possible that they’ll actually put out some kind of last minute deal in their Black Friday deals week section. Unusually high competition from Sony and Barnes&Noble along with imminent battle with Google might push Amazon to make one more move this holiday season on top of the ones they’ve done already:

  • Releasing international version of Kindle.
  • Releasing Kindle for PC application.
  • Releasing a major software update that likely cost them big $$$ that enables PDF on 2nd generation Kindles.

Although I’ll be checking for Kindle deals on a regular basis, if you spot one before me – be sure to leave a comment. To make this interesting, I’ll send a $50 Amazon gift card to the first person to post a link to functioning Black Friday discount deal on Kindle device, accessory or eBook. Discount must be specific to that item. When you post a comment, make sure to enter working and correct email as I’ll use it to contact the winner.

Deals that people reported:

10 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle Black Friday Deal Hunt!

  1. This isn’t exactly on sale, but it is cheaper on the Kindle. ;)

    Why am I posting so much? Got a little time on my hands and am amused by this. Far as I can see, looks like nothing, no ebooks or accessories is specifically on Black Friday sale. I saw a few accessories on sale (the light I believe) but nothing specifically for black friday.


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