A little bit of healthy self-promotion…

I would like to invite you to check out another blog of mine that I’ve recently started: netbook-expert.com. It covers news about netbooks and ultraportable computing in particular. It also allows you to compare netbooks side by side. At the moment there are a little bit over a hundred models in the comparison engine but I’m adding new ones on a regular basis. So with time coverage will become more comprehensive. I’ve made it available on Kindle marketplace along with this blog.

As this blog is relatively new I would like to ask your help in attracting visitors. I encourage you to visit it and review it on your blog or website if you like it or if you think that it should be improved. As a small incentive I can offer one Google Wave invite to first 30 people to write and post reviews about it be these reviews positive or not (honest and objective is what I’m looking for actually). Just email the link to your review to [email protected] and I’ll send back invite your way.

Sony PRS-600 Karma Strikes Back

Some time ago I wrote what some people considered poor review to Sony PRS-600 when comparing it to Amazon Kindle… In that review I also wrote that PRS-600 is now mostly used by my 3 year old daughter who likes to scribble and trace letters on it. Well it looks like Sony karma has struck back at me. One day my daughter wanted to trace letters but couldn’t find the PRS-600 so she picked up my Kindle DX instead and since stylus didn’t do the trick with it she used regular pen…

At first it seems that results were permanent… but it turned out nothing that some paper towel and vodka couldn’t fix. Kindle didn’t seem to mind the alcohol too.

After I explained to my daughter that Kindle can’t be used for drawing she said: “What is it good for then?” So according to her comparative review Sony PRS-600 wins hand down.