Interead Adds Two More COOL-ER Readers

Cool-er compact at ces 2010, courtesy: has released new Cool-er models at CES in the hopes of finally being able to  defeat the Kindle in its own game. While that might be just a pipe dream for this spiffy little start up (without things to match the Whispernet and the International Kindle), they sure are stepping things up in their bid to provide everyone and their brother with eBook readers. Their objective is simple — to make eBook readers for the masses, to become the ‘iPod’ of eBook readers. Whilst I would not usually say that aspiring to achieve the success and ubiquity of another company’s product is a worthwhile dream, I think we can let ’em have it as long as it is the market changing iPod series.

They already had an iPod-like reader (much bigger in size thankfully), called the Cool-er. It received some mixed reactions from reviewers and was judged to be overall a worthwhile product for the price (which was lower than the average eBook reader). Now, at CES 2010, they have revealed two new models that extend the Cool-er line of readers to 3 models. The existing Cool-er is to get a 3G update and we now have a new model called the Cool-er compact. The Compact is a slim-little 6″ device that really focusses on being sleek and stylish. The iPod-inspired track wheel has been moved to the center and is flanked by two soft buttons. These three are the only embellishments on the face, which gives the reader nice and clean look. It has 2GB onboard storage and has an SD card slot for expansion. At just 10mm in thickness. this is supposed to be the eBook reader with the smallest footprint of all!

Another model that is supposed to come out is the Cool-er Connect. It will be a touchscreen version of the device that will have WiFi onboard with over the air downloads at hotspots all over the country.

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