Mustek MER-6T Tries Hard To Be Different Without Actually Being So

01-26-10mustekreadertwi2-1264528263So Mustek is not exactly the company you would expect to be making a product like this but then this is that time in the history of technology when OEMs are making finished products and some are actually making it pretty big. So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the MER-6T e-reader. This is yet another eInk reader that slaps a touchscreen on the display and expects to take on the like of the Kindle and perhaps the Nook as well.

So what does this e-reader have that the others don’t? Nothing in particular really. It has a touchscreen eInk display, which is pretty common now. It has a slim profile – only 0.4″ thick but we have thinner ones already. It has a 3.5mm headphone out and that is pretty much universal. It lacks a proper content store and that… is also pretty much universal in the myriad ‘me too!’ e-readers that have flooded the market (with a few exceptions of course).

But then, if you look at white body and the collection of features and do not think of its competition, then it is actually a halfway decent device. They do try to market it by putting the cover of a ‘Twillight’ book on the display but do not be fooled — it cannot do color. It is a normal eInk display. But it does have an SD card expansion slot and a 6inch screen. So if the UI has not been botched up too badly, it can still be useful for some people.

Of course, it has nothing on premium class e-readers that put thousands of eBooks that your disposal that you can buy right from the device and start reading within moments. That user experience is what really separates the Kindle and such devices from products like this one.

No word on pricing yet, so nothing to say on that count either.

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