Dual-Screen MSI Netbook Might Take A Shot At E-Readers

msi-dual-reader-01-600x400 [Credit: Engadget]MSI had gone on record late last year saying that they were looking at building an e-reader device that will compete with the other mainstream offerings that are already there in the market. Whether they changed that plan or are showing something completely new, we don’t know but MSI has been showing off a dual-touchscreen device that looks more like a netbook than an eBook reader. It surely isn’t something as simple and direct as the Kindle, as it seems to be aimed at running a lightweight OS.

MSI probably is not looking at putting Windows 7 on this but they are surely going to be looking at light OS’ like the Chrome OS from Google or the Andrioid Mobile OS, also from Google.

Whether or not this is going to reach mainstream is still unknown because the device is still at a prototype stage without any word about manufacturing plans at the moment. But judging by the way MSI is talking about, it sounds like they fully intend to translate this into a mass market product or at least try to do so.

The comparison with e-book readers mainly comes in because of its similarity to the Courier tablet that is rumored to be under development at Redmond. The dual touchscreen is definitely a good way to emulate a book and it will definitely look good in usage if it does come true. However, there are several things that still stand in the way of making this happen. Battery life is going to be pretty low if there are two normal screens on the device, so they have to switch to something like the Pixel Qi. Graphics is also going to have to be pretty powerful to pull this off the way the demo shows it.

So over all, if it does come to fruition it might be a nice device but that time might be a long way off at this moment.

4 thoughts on “Dual-Screen MSI Netbook Might Take A Shot At E-Readers

  1. From the developer’s brainstorm session:

    “Hey, those netbooks are hot right now, right?”
    “And the tablet PC is the next up’n’coming device?”
    “What if we combined the two?”

    How does this even seem like a good idea? Is one of the screens e-ink? (Doesn’t look like it).

  2. I don’t understand the fixation with dual screen eBook readers. If the page changes quickly enough the eyes move less from page to page than if they have to move from the bottom right of the first side to the top left of the second, and then back from the bottom right of the second to the top left of the first.

  3. I think it looks like a very sexy toy. But other than that, I cannot really see the use. It will use more power than having just one screen. I have never seen such a device come anywhere near the precision of an actual physical keyboard. I mean, really, what’s the point?

  4. This is a retarded idea, I was excited about a two screen netbook thinking one of them was e-ink. It would be nice to have a two sided screen with the outer one being e-ink so when you close it the e-ink is showing.

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