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February 2010
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Sign-up for KDK limited beta is now open.

As of this morning I’ve received an email from Amazon (which resulted from leaving my email at KDK page earlier). Right now Amazon is considering first candidates for the limited KDK beta. You can head to https://kindlepublishing.amazon.com/gp/vendor/kindlepubs/kdk/request-seat and fill out a form with your contact information as well as brief description of the content you plan to develop, hit submit and hope for the best.

2 comments to Sign-up for KDK limited beta is now open.

  • Scott

    What sort of apps have you considered or do you think would be cool?

  • Broklynite

    Sorry, am I understanding this correctly? Kindle released their source code about a year ago, and nobody has really done anything with it. Have they finally developed a kit to create actual software and apps for the kindle? So someone maybe could write something that would allow me to, for example, read word documents and edit them on the spot?

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