Tsunami warning in Hawaii

I’m in Honolulu, Hawaii on short vacation right now. And I’m staying in the hotel right in front of the Ala Wai bay in Honolulu.

Today I was woken up by a very loud alarm at 6am today and police car going circles around the bay with a following message: “Attention. Attention. This is a message from management. Tsunami warning has been issued. Please immediately leave the bay.”
Also I overheard couple people talking downstairs that this tsunami warning is the most severe since 1964 and they strongly recommend boaters to evacuate to the nearest shelter. It should be safe for anyone higher than 3rd floor. I’m on 5th so hopefully it will be ok…

I’ll keep you posted. If tsunami comes I should have front view to it from my balcony. You can follow it on my twitter account

Even though it is interesting to watch real tsunami from the safety of 5th floor (I hope this statement is true) I still wish that the wave won’t come. Entire state life is completely disrupted now. So many people had to change their plans and evacuate…

Video of Ala Wai bay and loud tsunami siren alarm. It sounds every 30 minutes and it is very loud…

Here is a photo from my room. I never saw so many boats in the ocean here in Honolulu (even during Friday fireworks)…


Here is another photo of boats leaving Ala Wai harbor to avoid damage from the tsunami wave.


3 thoughts on “Tsunami warning in Hawaii

  1. Thanks for reporting on this! It was a surprise, coming from a Kindle blog.

    I used to live on a boat in Ala Wai Marina as a kid (the photos brought back memories!). We had a Tsunami warning (that turned out to be a false alarm) in 1985. I’ll never forget being part of the ‘regatta’ of boats that left the harbour to go to sea – or the fearful preparations of my friends on shore.

    Keep well and let us know how you fare!

  2. I feel for all these guys on boats who had to wake up at 6am with a sirens and leave the bay. But I guess it is better to be outside in the ocean rather than hear the alarm every twenty minutes or be swept by tsunami… I already see boats returning.

    Ala Wai harbor is pretty cool place to live. I guess you had a very interesting experience while living here.

  3. Now that it’s almost over, it seems a lot like our scare in ’85 – no more water than a typical high tide. I guess the Big Island got more of a surge. I’m glad it was no more than that. Now, everyone back to the beach!

    It was definitely interesting to live in Ala Wai. The marina is like a small town within a city; everyone knew one another. I used to ride my bike to school – the parking lot at Ala Moana shopping mall was my secret short-cut!

    Enjoy the rest of your stay in paradise! Looks like you have some exciting stories to bring home with you. Thanks for the Tsunami reports! Mahalo :-)

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