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TimeTIME Magazine is available on the Kindle for $2.99.  All magazine subscriptions include a 14 day trial so basically it gives you the option to try before you buy.  TIME is delivered wirelessly to your Kindle the same day the print version hits the newsstands.

TIME was founded on March 3, 1923 by Briton Hadden and Henry Luce, and is considered America’s first weekly news periodical. It was founded as a news magazine that formatted and summarized informative articles so that they can be read quickly by busy men.

“TIME was founded on the notion that a surplus of news existed which had to be licked into usable shape, felt no need to gather its own news until the 1930’s.” – The Story of an Experiment

“The double-jointed adjectives and inverted sentences of the early days of TIME were tricks that Hadden and Luce, both Greek scholars, learned from Homer, who was the author of The Illiad and The Odyssey.  The double-distilled result was hailed as a “new” style, and became TIME’S prose pattern.” – Posthumous Portrait

Also known as the International Magazine of Events, TIME covers a wide variety of subjects in each issue.  A couple of these subjects include politics and entertainment.  Each year, TIME prints a “Person of the Year” issue that has included controversial figures such as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.  The “Person of the Year” issue debuted in 1927 and was responsible for showcasing personalities that had momentous effects on major events in history.

The Kindle version includes most of the articles available in the print version of TIME, but does not include all of the images.  After reading the reviews, I concluded that the images were a drawback for the Kindle version.  As one of the reviewers mentioned, there are cases where the article text might refer to an image.  However, another reviewer liked not having the graphics distracting them away from what TIME is known for, their articles. So its all a matter of preference. As Kindle technology progresses, assuming the device will continue to thrive in sales, there will most likely be more image friendly versions of the magazine available.

Currently the TIME Magazine is owned by Time Warner Inc. (NYSE:TWX)

2 thoughts on “Time Magazine for Kindle

  1. The only problem with Time magazine for Kindle is that I can’t use it to wipe my ass.

  2. The problem with Time is it’s lacking in content. Unless you like US Political content. I had a paper subscription a while back and didn’t renew it ’cause most of the issues were going into the bin unread. I tried it on the Kindle and found I liked it even less. When is Kindle (i.e. Amazon) going to learn that content like this magazine are almost unintelligible without the images?

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