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PC Magazine is delivered wirelessly on the Kindle monthly for $1.49.  The Kindle edition is released the same day the magazine’s digital edition is released to subscribers.

PC Magazine is a great resource for expert reviews on electronics and computers.  PC Magazine was introduced in 1982, the year after IBM set the world into a tailspin with one of the first personal computers. PC Magazine chronicled through the evolution of computer technology.  In the 1980’s you could get a desktop for around $6000.  You can get one now with a lot more memory and capabilities for less than $1000.  The 1990’s were  a big decade for computers.  Microsoft took off several versions of its Windows operating system.  The internet went mainstream into businesses and homes.  Apple found it’s niche in graphic design software.  Amazon.com, Yahoo and eBay were introduced in the late 1990’s. more

The last decade has brought evolution of existing technologies by improving them and making them much faster.  The 2000’s have also seen the introduction of PDA’s and mobile devices such as cell phones, blackberrys, palm pilots and others.  The e-book reader market is taking off with the Kindle, Nook and the iPad coming along. The tablet computer market not is too far behind.

Over the years it has been PC Magazine’s job to cover the latest trends, analyze them and share the best results to the consumers so that they can make the most informed decisions in such a rapidly changing market.

PC Magazine stopped selling print editions of its magazine so it makes sense to get it for Kindle if you want a portable device to read it on.  However, based on the comments provided, it is highly recommended that the Kindle team add the images in for the articles.  Many of the articles are based on the reviews of an item and it is helpful to have a picture of that particular item to refer to.

Currently, PC Magazine is owned by Ziff Davis Publishing Holdings Inc and the stock information is private.

3 thoughts on “PC Magazine for Kindle

  1. I like this blog. I check it several times a day to see what is new in the ebook world. I find the articles usually very interesting.

    But I don’t like what I’ve seen in the last few days. If including magazines is part of publicity I understand it and support it. But I come here to see things that I won’t see anywhere else.

    Seeing a description of the magazines that are available for kindle doesn’t add anything to the blog. Those can easily be found in the Amazon site.

  2. I agree, Fernando! For some reason they are telling us about magazines that have been offered for Kindle at least since January 2010.

    I’m very puzzled why they are being presented as something “new”.

  3. Fernando,

    I understand where your concern comes from. However eReader revolution doesn’t happen every day so I decided to do a series of posts on periodicals that are available on Kindle.
    This is not a mere replica of Amazon info as these posts cover magazine’s history and interesting facts related to it. I personally find this information quite interesting.

    However I also want to keep my readers happy. So I’ll try to get more nuts and bolts information in the future.

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