Kindle’s Summer Guardian

Recently M-Edge began taking orders for their new Guardian case for the Kindle.  This neat new accessory comes just in time for the many Kindle owners out there who want to take their reader for a relaxing day at the beach or pool.  Now, the “waterproof” eReader case isn’t a new idea.  There have been similar devices on the market for years now, in fact.  The difference here is that M-Edge seems to have gone the extra mile to make this case worth the money and the attention.

Where other cases will let you wipe off condensation or splashes from the water, the Guardian will keep your Kindle safe in up to a meter of water, all while remaining completely functional and controllable.  It also has the added bonus of providing flotation for your book, so that dropping or setting aside what you’re doing isn’t going to be something you’re left regretting.

The Guardian comes in three colors(Black, Red, and Blue), features an anti-reflective screen for better reading in the glare of the sun, weighs barely more than 1lb, and can be attached to a lanyard through a ring at the base for added security.  It isn’t the cheapest thing on the market, at a surprising $80, but there can be no doubt that it’s worth the money if you’re serious about taking your Kindle with you everywhere you go.

2 thoughts on “Kindle’s Summer Guardian

  1. I’ve been using my Kindle in the hot tub and on the beach for years. I just stick it in a standard zip lock bag. I’ve never actually dropped it in the water, but it ought to work for a brief immersion, and all the controls are easily operated through the plastic. Replace the bag when it gets worn. I’ve always considered it one of the major advantages of the Kindle. You could bag a paper book, you can’t read it in the bag.

  2. It seems to me that aside water, I´d think also in reading my Kindle on the beach. I don´t see M-Edge advertising “sand protection”. Another glitch, I carefully watched Guardian´s video and I didn´t notice how you´ll move the Sleep button inside Summer Guardian.

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