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June 2010
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Unicode Font Hack and Kindle Software Update 2.5.2

Many of you have been asking and I wasn’t able to give you an answer. Well… now that 2.5.2 is available for everyone to download from Amazon.com website, it’s official. Amazon has fixed the tarbomb vulnerability in the update installer. So jailberaking and hacking the Kindle is not possible now unless you are willing to mess with hardware or have something like telnet or “unbrick” ┬áhack (that doesn’t interfere with official updates) installed. If you do, then you should know your way around Kindle well enough to be able to replace fonts yourself. If you don’t then you’ll have to stick with reading Unicode on Kindle via PDF or figure out how to hack it for yourself.

As simple as UFH installation was, some people still bricked their devices with the old hack for one reason or another. So until a new method of jailbreaking the Kindle is found that is as simple as the old ones, I’m going to postpone UFH development.

Sorry, I wish I had better news for you.

23 comments to Unicode Font Hack and Kindle Software Update 2.5.2

  • who?

    Should I have gotten 2.5.2 by now? I’m still at 2.3.2.

  • Cheryl

    Previous commenter: You can wait for them to roll it out to you (who knows when that will be) or you can do it yourself from the Amazon website. It is now available for download (this was mentioned in the above article, btw).

    I did it last night, and it took a couple of minutes.

  • Moritz U.

    Hey, the 2.5.2 update enabled my Int. Kindle to browse the whole web in Germany. Bug or feature?

  • Leslie

    I guess you didn’t download and install it yet then. It’s available for manual downloading now.

  • This is a sad day. If I COULD roll back to 2.3, I probably would. I would probably choose to LOOSE collections and social network (both of which are cool, but NOT essential) in order to get the Georgia2 Font back. I love that font. I don’t HATE the default Kindle font, it’s just noticeably inferior. I can read for longer in less light with Georgia2 (or any of the “bolder” fonts).

    THANK YOU for the your past development efforts on UFH!

    If anybody hears of a “downgrade” option to get back to 2.3, please holler!

  • Ok… can somebody explain me why AMAZON still doesn’t provide unicode font?

  • Doesn anyone know how to downgrade to version 2.3? Can’t read my Russian books now :( It’s really stupid for Amazon not to give readers option to use unicode fonts… as many other ebook readers give such pleasure to read any language, e.g. iRiver Story…

  • Heather

    Give it some time. They’ve managed to get the screensaver hack today, I expect we’ll have the font hack in a day or 2

  • Me

    Looks like clarknova has gotten the Screensaver hack installed on 2.5.*.


    Will you be working on getting the font hacks available in the same way?

  • admin

    Great news! I’ll repackage Unicode font hack shortly.

  • YUEN

    Hope Admin Can provide uninstallers as well, thanks !

  • Eddie

    wow,thanks for the great news! haha

  • Eddie

    Just wondering when will the repackaged UFH be posted?? Really love the hack!

  • Tedd

    Checking in daily for the update. :)

  • tekkasit

    Confirm that jailbreak works, just modify build-updates.cmd script and remove “–ex” parameters.

  • TomF

    Yes, without Cyrillic fonts I will be be staying with 2.3. If you get the hack working on the new update, I will be definitely be upgrading for collections.

  • Vlad

    I was thinking to make a small donation to developer to support him in developing Unicode font hack for Kindle Software Update 2.5.2. Is it a good idea? May be someone else will be also interested? Together we can do it! :)

  • Jeannie

    I hope admin posts it soon….I would love to have the Georgia Font back. I can’t tell much difference in the font size I like to use since the 2.5.2 update.

    I do love the collections though.

  • admin

    no donation is needed. I’ll roll, test and post the updated hack this week. I’m sorry to say that I’m swarmed with work at the moment and had to put the blog and Kindle on a back burner for a while. Hopefully not for long.

  • Jeannie

    Will there be a Georgia font available on this website for the Kindle 2-US version.

  • Jeannie

    I have the Georgia Font Hack on my Kindle 2-US following the directions on this website.


  • Alex

    Dear Admin are you still planing to do your own Font Hack or the link from Jeannie is the same thing that you had in mind?

  • Me

    I have Kindle DX with 2.5.2 and I used jailbraeak with other hacks.
    Every thing works perfectly with me :)

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