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June 2010
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Moleskine Unveils Kindle Cover

The iconic Moleskine notebook brand now boasts its very own Kindle case.  As fans of these notebooks would expect, the cases boast the traditional Moleskine look and feel while also offering secure placement for the reader.  The Kindle is held in place against the right side of the cover by four double-stitched corner straps against a plush suede microfiber lining.  On the left side, owners will be able to place soft-cover reporter style Moleskine notepads(2 included) into the case, giving them a place to jot down notes and other useful information.

Now, I get that a lot of people see Moleskine as a highly trendy thing.  It probably is.  They have a huge following though, and not without reason.  This particular design was inspired, according to its creators, by the increasingly large number of people involved in homemade Moleskine “hacks” to modify their favorite journal type book into something with a wider range of uses(one of my favorites being the external hard drive). Whether you are personally a fan or not, the utility of having a decent notepad handy while reading is something almost anybody can appreciate, especially students, and it makes an undeniably great gift idea for anybody you know who loves their Kindle.

Also available for the Kindle DX.

2 comments to Moleskine Unveils Kindle Cover

  • Dave

    The pad on the left will be inconvenient. Does it have two pad slots so it can be flipped around to put the pad on the right?

  • DW

    There are a ton of comments on amazon to the same effect. I guess Moleskine must only employ left handed people for no one to have realized this during development or production of photos for advertising.

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