Amazon Acquires

Coming out of nowhere, at least for those of us who wouldn’t have thought to be looking for it in the first place, Amazon(NASDAQ:AMZN) has run in and bought Woot!  This ever-popular discount liquidation site has made a name for itself for its great deals, incredibly random selection, and just generally fun presence on the web over the years. If you’ve never heard of them, you’re missing out.

So, will the Amazon ownership change anything in how the site is run?  Comments from the company say no.  They will remain a wholly independent entity that just happens to have a really really rich backer providing them with all sorts of fun new opportunities, advice, and options.  To demonstrate how completely separate from Amazon they truly are, Woot’s first Deal of the Day following the purchase was a brand new Kindle, of the latest generation, for only $149!  As with many of their better deals, it sold out before I could get one.  Still, we can hope to see great new selections and deals in the future, especially since you’ve got to assume that Amazon has whole warehouses worth of unsellable merchandise just waiting to find a home after all these years.  If you love a good deal, don’t mind the occasional refurbished item, and enjoy a seller with a sense of humor then you should really check them out.