Knitting for Dummies 2nd Edition for Kindle Video

Amazon just started offering a sound and video feature for the Kindle.  Right now there are only 13 books available with this feature enabled, but hopefully more will be added soon.  The video and audio versions are only available for Kindle for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.  Will Amazon incorporate this capability into its next generation of the Kindle, or market it through its software outlets?  It will be an interesting trend to watch.

Knitting for Dummies 2nd Edition is a great book for beginners who want to learn the basics of knitting.  It is also great for intermediate knitters who are looking for a guide to perfecting certain stitches, or ways to correct mistakes.  There are a wide variety of projects from basic dish cloths to sweaters to choose from.   This book comes with 6 knitting technique videos.  The authors are Pam Allen, who is the author of the 1st edition of Knitting for Dummies, Tracy L. Barr, a writer/editor and avid knitter and Shannon Okey, an author of dozens of knitting books and a columnist for knit.1 magazine.

I am a knitter and I’ve been looking for a good book to use as a guide for learning more advanced stitches since getting to a class is difficult due to none being nearby.  So, the video idea is perfect for someone who doesn’t have the time, money or transportation necessary to get to a knitting class.

The reviews for Knitting for Dummies 2nd Edition are overwhelmingly positive.  The reviewers rave over the how easy to understand the instructions are, and how fast they were able to pick up knitting.  It even includes instructions for left handed knitters like myself!  One reviewer said that they had to have a live demonstration to go along with the directions from the book, but this issue might be resolved with the new video demonstrations.  Overall, this book is a great reference guide and the video addition will definitely be a very helpful tool for new and veteran knitters alike.

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