Best of the Beatles and more Guitar Books for Kindle

To all of you Beatles fans out there, there is acoustic guitar lesson book available for Kindle with the new audio feature enabled.  It is called Best of the Beatles for Acoustic Guitar by Wolf Marshall.  The Kindle version is $9.99, which is the same as most bestsellers.  Since the audio and video feature is so new, there aren’t any reviews on it yet.  However, the paperback version has gotten great reviews with a few exceptions.

The reviewers note that this book is great for players who already know how to play the guitar, but the explanations and demonstrations included are very well documented.  The songs listed in the book are popular Beatles hits such as “Hey Jude,” “Here Comes the Sun,” “Till There Was You” and more. The CD included with the paperback version has a demonstration played at a normal speed and slow speed which helps with understanding how to play the songs.  The Kindle audio feature should include the same demonstrations.

If you are interested in learning how to play the acoustic guitar elements for other bands such as Eric Clapton, Indigo Girls, John Mellencamp, the Rolling Stones and others in the same genre, then you should check out Acoustic Guitar, by Chad Johnson.  It also comes with the new Kindle audio feature.  The reviewers stressed that this book is not meant for beginners, but that it does include background on techniques and chords.

If you are a beginner who is interested in learning how to play the guitar, you should try Guitar 1 or Guitar Method Book 1 2nd Ed by Greg Koch.  Guitar Method has awesome reviews and includes clear, well paced instructions for beginners  The book included traditional songs such as “Amazing Grace” and “Greensleeves.”  As a piano and violin player who started out on simple books like these, I know they can get boring really fast, but its good to know the basics before you go for the challenging stuff.

For those of you who are interested in playing songs in other genres, there are several other books available for the Kindle with audio.  If you enjoy classical guitar music, check out Classical Guitar, or for country music fans, Country Guitar… by Greg Koch.

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