Amazon’s Kindle Gets Even More Popular

Recent releases from Amazon(NASDAQ:AMZN) have indicated that the Kindle, proving it deserves its place as Amazon’s #1 Best Selling item, has tripled in sales this year compared to last, in part due to last month’s price slashing.  While many deride that move as the end of the Kindle as a profitable endeavor, there can be no doubt that the greater the availability of the eReader and the platform in general, the healthier the product-line it supports will become.

Being spread, as it is, between the Kindle device, iOS applications, Android applications, various smart phones, and PC applications, there are surprisingly few people left who cannot, should the choose to do so, access the eBook of their choice in a convenient and comfortable setting.  As some reports indicate that the eBook market has grown by more than 160% in the past year, this increasingly pervasive presence gives Amazon an impressive advantage and even further encouragement to keep the momentum up.  We already know that Kindle Editions are outselling hardcovers by a significant percentage these days, even if you exclude free eBooks from consideration and don’t exclude hardcover sales for books not available on the Kindle.  It’s starting to feel like this is only the beginning of a much larger trend, however, that could truly change the way we enjoy books.

Any thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Amazon’s Kindle Gets Even More Popular

  1. You are right about the ebook explosion overtaking print sales. Just in July my thriller/mystery, Dark End of the Spectrum, ( jumped to the number 2 spot on Kindle. Other authors I know have sold over 30,000 copies of their novels on the Kindle in the last six months.

    Here is the synopsis of Dark End of the Spectrum. The ending will floor you!

    “The family elements in the story – the real struggles with marriage, raising a family, making a living, and just trying to enjoy life – have broadened the book’s appeal to a wider audience, primarily women who are not into technology.”

    DARK END OF SPECTRUM will make you think twice before turning on your cell phone or PDA!

    DARK END OF THE SPECTRUM is a frighteningly plausible and headline ripping tale of the real threats that loom in cyberspace and beyond with a Michael Crichton realism. Based on the author’s years of research into the hacker culture.

    DARK END OF THE SPECTRUM is a thriller that will connect with everyone with a cell phone, PDA or wireless device.

    When a group of digital terrorists known as ICER take over the US power grid and the cell phone network, they give the government an ultimatum – bomb the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan with nuclear weapons to put an end to Al-Quada or they will start downing commercial airliners. When the government refuses, ICER destroys most of the downed aircraft in airports all over the country. When ICER sends a pulse that will kill millions on the East Coast, only security expert Dan Riker can stop them, but ICER has kidnapped Dan’s family.
    Will Dan save his family or will millions die?

  2. I would be more interested in kindle sales compared to sales of all editions of the books, rather than just kindle sales compared to hardcover editions of the books.

    although the fact that kindle books are frequently priced _higher_ than paperback editions is a significant barrier here.

  3. As far as I’m concerned, all ereaders should be lined up and steamrolled. All, that is, EXCEPT the Kindle. I’ve tried ’em all and have been disappointed in all of them EXCEPT the Kindle. My local Target started to carry the Kindle 2 at the new lower price.

    The definition and ability to read even in marginal light makes it a winner. Being able to control the margins is delightful and the buttons on either side make navigation a pleasure.

    I’ll rank it five out of five stars.

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