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Carl Hiaasen recently came out with a satirical novel called Star Island that has been a big hit,  and is in the top 10 on the Kindle Bestseller list.  Star Island features a 22 year old pop princess named Cheryl Bunterman (Cherry Pye) who gets sucked into the perils of drinking, drugs and sex.  Cherry is surrounded by an entourage dedicated to maintaining her image while she ends up in one rehab center after another.  The novel is an imaginative, yet seemingly accurate spoof on the lives and activities of Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, as well as the general modern pop star scene.

If you aren’t familiar with Hiaasen’s work, one of his older novels, Stormy Weather, is a good one to start with.  It is set in Florida, which is the setting for most of Hiaasen’s books, during Hurricane Andrew, a devastating hurricane that struck Florida in the mid 1990’s.  The plot involves scam artists, corrupted politicians who are destroying the environment and an offhanded swipe at Disney World.  Reviewers say that Hiaasen manages to let his imagination run wild with outrageous characters, but somehow the story maintains a natural flow.

Skinny Dip is another novel that Hiaasen is well known for.  Chaz Perrone finds out that his wife Joey has discovered his dealings with a crooked tycoon to pollute the Florida Everglades.  He tries to throw her off a cruise ship to get rid of her, but she survives and seeks revenge.  She does so by messing with his mind and driving him insane.  Not knowing what someone is going to do can definitely drive a person nuts.

I think it is awesome that Hiaasen just lets his imagination loose when setting up the plot for his books.  He touches on issues that are very real in today’s society.  But, his books are much more of a beach read flavor than a philosophical discussion one.

Have you read any of Hiaasen’s books?  What do you think about them?

2 thoughts on “Carl Hiaasen for Kindle

  1. I’ve read all of Carl’s books and love them. They are both funny and serious at the same time. In addition to his adult books, he’s written three books for young adults, which I enjoy as well. Carl worked in the newspaper business for many years and supposedly, many of the characters and situations are drawn from relatively similar situations that appeared in the news in Florida. I highly encourage you to check out his books; Skinny Dip is one of my all time favorites! Most of books are now available for the Kindle, Sony Reader, and iPad.

  2. I’ve also read all of Carl’s books and they are very well written. Great when you’re in the mood for a fun romp and a good mystery. A bit silly at times but overall they are well done. If you want a darker mood or noir thriller, then look elsewhere.

    J.R. Chase
    Author of the mystery thriller Chicago Squeeze

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