Kindle 3G + WiFi no longer sold out

Amazon Kindle 3

Amazon Kindle 3

I’ve just checked Kindle 3G + WiFi product page on and Kindle 3 is back in stock. You can order one now and receive it next morning with overnight shipping. Kindle WiFi was no longer on backorder since yesterday evening.

So finally Amazon has caught up with the demand. At least for the time being…


2 thoughts on “Kindle 3G + WiFi no longer sold out

  1. I ordered my 3G+wifi several days ago. I paid the $3.99 to upgrade to next day delivery yesterday. It says it will ship between 13-15 and I should receive it by the 17th. Unfortunately it still does not show that it has shipped. If it doesn’t show shipped by tomorrow morning I will probably downgrade back to 2-day free shipping since I won’t have it for the weekend. I did get the cover with light and it is pretty neat. Bah.

  2. Amazon usually refunds the $3.99 Prime fee for 1-day shipping upgrade if they are not able to ship in time.

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