Amazon Black Friday Deal: Can We have Microsoft Kinect Too?

Kindle Black Friday Deal just showed up on Black Friday Lightning Deals page on Amazon Black Friday home page. Deal should become active at 9am today. Here is a screen shot of the deal. You can click on it to go to the deal page (new price will become active only after 9am PST).

More details on the deal could be found at Kindle Black Friday Deal Announced post.

Besides Amazon Kindle Black Friday deal I’m hoping to see some deals on Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures and Xbox 360 Console (4GB or 250GB) with Kinect. I tried Microsoft Kinect when visiting my friend for Thanksgiving and it is an amazing product and great gift. That’s why Black Friday deal would be a great opportunity for Amazon and Microsoft to join forces. Even though Microsoft Kinect is still brand new it would be nice to see some nice bundling deals for it on Black Friday.

At this moment brand new XBox 360 4GB Kinect bundle is available on Amazon Marketplace from several merchants with prices starting from $398 for featured merchants and from $361.99 from all other merchant.
Brand new XBox 360 250GB Kinect Bundle priced from $634.48 from featured merchants and from $510.89 from other merchants. It is great to see such variety in prices and options but it still would be nice to have some kind of great deal shipping directly from Amazon.
Below is list of Kinect games available from Amazon store:

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