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November 2010
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Kindle on Cyber Monday: Why Kindle Wi-Fi is a good deal

This morning I spent some time thinking about recent deal that Amazon was running for 2nd generation Kindle 3G during Black Friday sale. I personally already have several Kindles in my house so I don’t need another one but I know couple of folks who were trying to get it on Black Friday and they asked my opinion about it.
My advice to them was to consider 3rd generation Kindle WiFi in their Cyber Monday shopping list (they lost in the Black Friday deal lottery). Here is the breakdown of why I think this may be reasonable even in comparison with $89 Kindle 2nd generation.

Of course $139-$89=$50 is considerable sum of money (more than 10 Starbucks caffeine shots). But in 3rd generation you will get 50% better contrast – and yes it is important since we want to keep our sight bright and healthy, aren’t we. You’ll also get more comfortable controls (this point is somewhat arguable since removal of numeric buttons wasn’t the best idea in my opinion – but not everyone uses direct page jumps feature instead of bookmarks as I do). New generation is also lighter and smaller which makes reading more comfortable.

Next I advice my friends to think about their internet access patterns. I personally access internet from free wi-fi enabled locations in 99% of cases. The remaining 1% is when my wife is shopping (could take hours) and I’m relaxing in the nearest chair browsing internet through my Kindle 3G. But even in that case 3G is not very important to have since I can read books instead of internet which is better for brain anyway :). So if my kindle suddenly lost 3G I wouldn’t be to disappointed. So if you think you will never use 3G why pay additional $189-$139=$50=10 Starbucks coffee shots for it?

Besides that I always forget to turn 3G off when I’m done and it drains battery very quickly and I have to go searching for a power cable when I’m reading the most interesting moment in the book.

Of course it is just my own opinion and I’m sure there are folks who need 3G in 30% of even 40% of time they use Kindle. But I know that there is a considerable market of those who don’t need 3G at all and that’s why Amazon actually split Kindle into two versions: Kindle WiFi and Kindle WiFi+3G.
So if you’re shopping for e-reader on Cyber Monday think twice whether you need 3G version or not…

Cyber Monday Deals from Barnes & Nobles and Amazon: No Kindle or Nook Color Deals Though

Barnes & Nobles is running couple of great offers today.

First offer is: free shipping on any purchase with no minimum amount. Just enter coupon code B3X4N4N at check out.

Below are some details of the offer:
Get FREE SHIPPING (Standard Delivery).
1. Place eligible items in your cart.
2. Proceed to Checkout; select “Standard Delivery”
3. Enter the coupon code
4. Complete your Checkout.

There is another cool offer running today at BN.COM: Save 25% off one item – which gives you 25% off the highest priced item in your cart. Enter coupon code B4D7H9A at checkout. The 25% discount will be applied to the highest-priced item in your cart.

Unfortunately both of these coupons have bunch of exceptions and NOOK is one of them.

For Cyber Monday deals at Amazon check out Amazon Lightning Deals page.

If you’re looking for a great gift for someone who loves to read check out Kindle WiFi, Kindle WiFi+3G or Nook. All of them are great e-readers and will make a great gift to anyone.

You can also check active Amazon Cyber Monday deals below. There are some exciting deals going on in Electronics, Sports, Health and Home categories.

Also make sure to check out deals on bowlex sport equipment and Microsoft Kinect is one of the hits on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Bowlex is running some very nice discounts right now and Microsoft Kinect is one of the hottest gifts of this shopping season.