Kindle Color Name Guessing

With commercially viable Kindle Color eInk displays announced in November, Mirasol displays being around for a while and Barnes & Noble Nook Color being widely perceived (though not by me) as first color eReader, it seems inevitable to me that Kindle Color is going to be released sometime soon.

Therefore I would like to hold a small guessing contest. The idea is to guess how will be called when it is released. While Kindle Color seems to be most obvious idea, there’s not telling how Amazon will end up naming the device. It seems reasonable that Kindle part will stay since it’s a well established brand that is recognized by customers and heavily advertised. I’m open to suggestion about the second part. So I propose a following two stage contest:

  • Until December 25th inclusive you can leave your ideas about Kindle Color name as comments on this post. On the 26th I will randomly choose a comment and present the winner with Lighted Leather Cover in any available color. If you would prefer a cover without light, that’s a viable option too. You will be able to select either once I contact you in case you are the winner.
  • The grand prize would be the Kindle Color eReader device itself once it comes out. It will be awarded to whoever first guesses the device name. Since I want this to be a contest of creativity rather than speed, “Kindle Color” name is not eligible for the grand prize. If it indeed turns out to be the name, I’ll donate the grand prize to some good charitable cause.

So, happy guessing! I’m looking forward to these comments!

106 thoughts on “Kindle Color Name Guessing

  1. 1) Amazon Kindle Rainbow

    and if secondary guesses are allowed then just

    2) Amazon Kindle C

    and because I don’t want to take up all obvious shortcuts I am giving up on Kindle Plus or Kindle NG (next generation)

  2. and I forgot to add that I am not buying it. screw color. Amazon should rather add PDF reflow, better music reproduction, playback control, EPUB format or something

  3. I guess… no color device.

    Amazon has had success selling through apps and the browser- they can distribute color content that way. If they made a color reader, they would have to sell it for a loss and, if the hardware isn’t well recieved, it could damage their brand against the ipad and possibly even the nook color.

    Why would they want to do that?

  4. Great idea for a contest.

    I will go with either:
    the Kindle Spark
    the Kindle Torch
    the Kindle Flare

    If I think of any more, I will add them.

  5. To clarify my previous comment in the context of this game.

    I guess the next Kindle will simply be named “Kindle” or “Kindle DX”, as the previous three iterations have been. It will either be black and white, or it will be color e-ink with relatively little emphasis placed on the additional capability (compared to the nook, which makes color a central selling point).

  6. It will be called the Kindle Kolor because that is a kute name.

    And there will be a color Kindle because the iPad is eating the Kindle’s lunch – and the Nook Color is doing pretty well also.

  7. Guess: Kindle 4C
    Suitably unimaginative for Amazon, yet continues to leverage the Kindle name and meaningless digits. They won’t call it ‘color’ or ‘flame’ or something similarly trite.

  8. Who knows the mind of marketing?

    However, if the naming was mine “Kindle 3c” & “Kindle DXc”!

  9. So the first round of guesses is in. Keep the coming! My personal favorite so far is Kindle Vivid. Not that it will affect the winner selection on the 26th (that’s going to be random as promised)

  10. I guess Amazon will call it the (Kindle) Palette. I put Kindle in parenthesis because they may choose to drop the Kindle name and go with just the Amazon Palette.

  11. I think they will chosse something like “Kindle Color”, because it is simple, easy to remember and easy tu understand.

    But since it is not possible for the game, i would say “Kindle RGB” ^^

  12. I actually think the first color reading device from Amazon will be an LCD Android tablet, and it will run a Kindle app but won’t share the Kindle name. But, in keeping with the contest, I’ll submit Kindle Jazz, Kindle Splash, and Kindle Blaze.

  13. Kindle Sky – the sky is the limit, you can still read it outdoors and who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful sunrise, blue sky, or sunset with a good read close at hand.

  14. Kindle Crayon or Kindle Krayon (NB – not Kindle Crayola). But I also like Ken’s Kindle Palette.

  15. Cindle, CKindle, Kindle Advanced, Kindle C, Kindle CX, Kindle Tablet, Kindle Rainbow, Kindle 4c (because I suspect that the color version will be more expensive, and sold separately from the Kindle 4 which will still be B&W). Kindle Dynamo.

  16. I think the next version will not be color. It will be the next next generation for the color version

  17. Darn, someone already picked Kindle Prism, Kindle Diffraction Grating doesn’t have the same ring to it…

    It will probably be something boring like Kindle LCX…

    Larger, Color, Deluxe….

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