Wordoku Unbound – Kindle Edition

If you like Sudoku and challenging puzzle games, check out Wordoku Unbound for theВ  Kindle.В  This game has the best reviews Iв_Tve seen with nothing but 5 stars.В  Puzzazz has done an excellent job with Wordoku and hopefully will continue to produce great quality games for the Kindle in the future.

Wordoku Unbound uses the same Sudoku grid, but instead of numbers. Each cell must be filled with letters that complete a word or phrase in each 3 by 3 square.В  Wordoku contains 100 different puzzles and you can choose any of them to fit your difficulty comfort level.

As in the Kindle version of Sudoku, there is a notes feature that allows you to write notes in cells before making a final decision.В  Hints are available if you get stuck.

Here is a glimpse of what reviewers think of Wordoku.

S. Kaphan:

в__It’s pleasing to the eye, easy to learn even without reading the instructions, and is also sophisticated enough for advanced users. That’s not easy to achieve. It also makes excellent use of the Kindle’s unique mix of capabilities. I’m looking forward to more kinds of puzzles for the Kindle from Puzzazz.в__

B. Rogers:

в__For starters, the book is dynamic. There are 100 puzzles, but I’m not locked into the “factory setting” difficulty levels. They’re not all easy, medium or hard – nor are they evenly distributed. They’re whatever I want them to be. I kept them on easy at first, until I got the hang of the format, and then ramped them up to medium (which were plenty tough enough for me, so I didn’t try the hard setting).

Solving is smooth. The interface is intuitive, and switching between taking notes and filling in answers is easy enough that I figured out how to do it without referring to the instructions. There is also a robust “undo” function that makes use of the back button – clever.в__

R. Jordan:

в__I’ve been looking for a puzzle book to use with my Kindle for a while now, and what I’ve found are things that seem to be designed for an iPad or PC and moved to the Kindle platform. Most of these were game applications that weren’t terribly easy to use – a Kindle is designed for reading and some basic text input; it’s not a gaming platformв_│

Wordoku is a nice twist on Sudoku – using letters instead of numbers makes a lot of sense with the Kindle keypad. This makes solving the puzzles feel completely natural, just like using a pencil in a game magazine (except you’ll never lose your pencil).в__

So, there you have it, a user friendly puzzle game that is unique to the Kindle platform and has a difficulty level for everyone.В  You canв_Tt beat that.

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