Hangman 4 Kids – Kindle Edition

It is good to see a game for kids from Sonic Boom who has created Hangman 4 Kids. It actually has better reviews than the adult counterpart, Hangman.В  Hangman 4 Kids is only $1.99 for the Kindle, which is not a bad price.

Hangman 4 Kids is a great way to improve vocabulary skills for both children and adults.В  It might also open the door for children to get interested in reading books on the Kindle.

Hangman 4 Kids Kindle edition is a lot like your old trusty paper version.В  Your goal is the complete a word before the body is complete.В  Each letter you get wrong, a body part is added to the figure.В  The perk to the Kindle version over the pen and paper version is that you can choose from a variety of categories, and the Kindle generates the words for you.В  Categories include Science, Entertainment, Sports, Careers and more.

You get two hints per game and you have a choice between a snowman or a gingerbread man.В  That beats stick figures!В  Be aware that you lose body parts if you ask for a hint.

The reviews are good.В  There is nothing less than three stars for Hangman 4 Kids.В  Now letв_Ts hear what some of the reviewers have to say.

A Customer:

“I really like it. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t show you the answer to the puzzle when you get it wrong. they should change that in thier next version. Other than tha it is a great and fun game. Worth the money.”


“I downloaded this for my son to play but it seems that most of the Hangman phrases, so far, are Disney movies? We don’t watch a lot of Disney movies (the younger ones anyway), so to guess what the phrase is, is not so fair for him. Otherwise, great idea to help him learn and have fun at the same time.”

So, overall a good game for a low price.В  I find it interesting that the words in Hangman 4 Kids tend to focus on Disney characters.В  Iв_Tm surprised there isnв_Tt more Dora the Explorer or Sesame Street.

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