Kindle for Windows Phone 7 is out

Well… that didn’t take long. Only less than a month ago Kindle for Windows Mobile 7 was announced and as of today it is available for download.

Currently, I don’t have a Windows Phone 7 phone handy and once I do I’ll be sure to write-up a comprehensive hands-on review. For now it seems that the app provides pretty standard reading experience for a smartphone eBook app.

Although it is nothing extraordinary by itself, the Kindle for Windows Phone 7 expands the reach of Amazon eBook to yet another platform. What it means for end-users is that Kindle books are available on the widest selection of devices possible, despite using Amazon proprietary DRM system and completely ignoring ePub standard.

If you happen to have WM7/WP7 phone and installed the application, please comment about your experience here.

6 thoughts on “Kindle for Windows Phone 7 is out

  1. I don’t think that Kindle apps are meant to be used for reading generic mobi files. In fact, I doubt that they support the format at all. There should be some generic reading apps for WP7.

  2. Both the Kindle 2 and the Kindle 3 as well as the Kindle for PC read generic .mobi files just fine.


  3. Kindle on WP7 works nicely, makes use of the superb user interface on Wp7 without losing it’s “kindleness”.

    Kindle on WP7 rocks!
    Good reading folks…

  4. tallpaul8,

    I mean Kindle phone apps. I’m well aware that Kindle devices support mobi files

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