New Math Learning Tools Available for the Kindle

With the addition of games and puzzles, the Kindle has become much more than an e-reader.  Now, you can use the Kindle as a means to learn math as well.

Digi Ronin Games has introduced Flash Cards: Basic Math for Kids and Flash Cards: Fractions for Kids. Digi Ronin Games is a highly interactive game studio that has worked with major companies such as Disney and Nickelodeon.  It is based in the Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, NC.  More information about their company and what awesome content they are creating for the Kindle can be found here

For the Basic Math learning tool, kids can brush up on their addition, subtraction and multiplication skills.  There are five difficulty levels that correlate with common mathematical concepts.  Interestingly enough, children might be using the Kindle for math even before they can read well enough to use it for reading!

The Basic Math tool is a new and exciting way to learn math.  This alone, should entice more children to want to learn, and to become more familiar with the Kindle.  In the past, the e-reader has primarily targeted adults, but I’ve seen more and more children’s books become available.  Both applications can be used as a study guide and gives quality feedback for correct and incorrect answers.

The Fractions learning tool for Kindle is laid out the same way as the Basic Math tool and has four levels of difficulty.  The simple fractions such as ½ are in a lower difficulty level, and the more complex fractions such as 3/7 belong to the more difficult levels.

Both Basic Math and Fractions were release this week, so there aren’t any reviews yet.  I am interested to see how well the Kindle does as an interactive tool.  By that I mean, how it does with filling in blanks for answers, etc.  I hope to see the Kindle and Kindle DX continue to take on a much larger role in education for all ages.