Karen Kingsbury Kindle Books

leavingBestselling Christian fiction author Karen Kingsbury releases her latest book: Leaving on March 22.  Leaving is the beginning of a new series called the Bailey Flanagan series.  This series includes characters from four other series: Redemption, Firstborn, Sunrise, and Above the Line series.  All of them are so addicting.  There have been some days when I have read a whole book in one sitting.

Kingsbury really invests a lot into her characters, and often I forget that they’re not real people.   When her last book in the Above the Line series came out, I downloaded it on my Kindle on midnight of its release day.  Instant gratification at its best!

Bailey Flanagan is a college student and aspiring actress, and her character is loosely modeled on Kingsbury’s daughter Kelsey.  Bailey leaves her hometown of Bloomington, Indiana to pursue acting in New York.  Bailey is also caught between the love of her life, Cody Coleman who leaves to be near his mother who is in prison, and Brandon Paul, a famous actor.

Karen Kingsbury’s books are all tearjerkers, and sometimes are even a little too overly emotional.  She has written on topics such as romance, 9/11, abortion, Down’s Syndrome, drug addiction and many more controversial issues.  Through the suffering though, she offers hope.

Her last book, Unlocked, was a huge hit, and it featured Holden Harris, and his childhood friend, Ella.  The interesting part about Unlocked is that it was originally a fictional book featured in several of Kingsbury’s other books.   Both Holden and Ella are high school seniors, but Holden has autism.  I wrote more about Unlocked on my Accessibility and Technology Blog.  So, check that out if you want to learn more about what Unlocked is about.  This blog also covers the latest trends in assistive technology for people with disabilities.  The Kindle has also recently made strides in providing more accessible features.