4 More Dictionaries: German, French, Italian and Spanish

You asked and we listened… We are releasing 4 more translation dictionaries for Amazon Kindle:

All dictionaries can be set as Kindle default dictionary, replacing the Oxford dictionary that is installed by default. You can then have words translated by selecting them with 5-way controller. You can use Kindle settings to switch between dictionaries since only one dictionary can be active at any given time. If you need, you can always revert to using the Oxford English dictionary. Please note that iPad/iPhone, Android and other Kindle apps don’t support custom dictionaries such as these.

German-English Kindle DictionaryFrench-English DictionaryItalian-English DictionarySpanish-English Dictionary

If you need to translate from English to another language, you can use one of our previously released dictionaries. See here for complete list.

2 thoughts on “4 More Dictionaries: German, French, Italian and Spanish

  1. Very nice , but is there any chance for a Dutch-English or English-Dutch (Kindle default) dictionary ?

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