Warriors of Light: Medallion – Kindle Edition

Warriors of Light: MedallionJohn Whelan-Curtin, the Irish author of the newly released Warriors of Light: Medallion sent me the copy of his e-book to read, and I am currently in the process of reading it on my Kindle.  Very interesting book so far.  Definitely a break from the mainstream.

Warriors of Light is just $2.99 on the Kindle, and based on the summary, it looks like an exciting and fast paced book.


At first glimpse of Warriors of Light, I can certainly tell that Whelan-Curtin has a gift for imagery.  When reading, the reader feels like they can visualize the characters and are right there experiencing what the characters are experiencing.

Here is a snippet of Warriors of Light’s summary on Amazon:

“When Aquador’s people, the beast-race Lutrom, are entirely wiped out by the Arbezian Empire he finds himself on a path to revenge. To follow this path Aquador must carve a path of violence through the world, gathering more like himself to his cause. Inevitably Aquador finds that his nemesis is the god of evil himself.”

In this e-book, the world is at stake.  Can you imagine how huge a burden that would put on the shoulders of Aquador and his people?  This is the battle between good and evil.  The book’s intense nature is also reflected in the dark, ominous traits of the characters.

So, feel free to check out Warriors of Light: Medallion on your Kindle, and tell us what you think.  I look forward to reading future writings by this gifted author.